Steven J. Weintraut Reviews

Trusted employment labor law counsel

Mr. Weintraut represented me through a very complicated employment breach. In a brief window of time, he was able to determine and give advice on the best course of action to deal with issues as to resignation, investigation, litigation and then mediation strategy. I always felt Steve had my best interest in mind. He worked tirelessly to achieve a very fair outcome. Thank you Steve for your respect, responsiveness and expertise.

Solid Counsel

Steve represented me in a property dispute that involved a complicated easement. We were able to avoid a trial by engaging in early mediation with the adjacent property owner. Steve was easy to work with, kept me informed on what was going on, and helped me resolve the dispute in a timely manner with a good outcome.

Attention to detail and efficiency

Steve is definitely on top of his game. He helped me through a difficult legal situation with his knowledgeable advice and expertise. I found him to be easily accessible, a clear communicator and a great support during a stressful time. I definitely would recommend him to anyone looking for a great attorney who pays attention to every detail.

Great advice while handling difficult business situations

We had two very difficult business situations that Steve handled for our firm.

One situation was with a client that wanted to change our client services agreement in mid project. In the beginning of our relationship with Steve, he reviewed our contracts as more an audit to tighten up some of language to our services agreement. Based on Steve's changes, our contract stood on firm ground in a volatile situation. To ensure that we continued our relationship with our client, Steve worked on additional parameters which created a win-win solution for both parties. They remain to be a client today.

Another situation was a partner agreement. At some point in a partner relationship, strong differences become tough issues. Steve worked very well to resolve the issues and come to common ground.

Opposing counsel review

I've litigated against Mr. Weintraut on one occasion. I felt that Mr. Weintraut did an excellent job for his client. Steve was thoroughly prepared, and aggressively asserted his client's interest, while remaining consistently respectful and courteous to opposing parties, witnesses, other counsel and the Court. I can recommend his services highly.

Grateful mid-size corporation for Mr. Steven Weintrout professional assistance

Mr. Steven Weintrout successfully helped me and my business with challenging legal issues. He is outstanding in providing solutions to impossible issues. He is always focused, on-time, and caring.