Nathan Brandenburg represented Voyager Bank in its recent sale to Anchor Bank

Anchor Bank, National Association, announced the closing of its purchase of substantially all of the operating assets and deposits of Voyager Bank in April, 2015. Siegel Brill shareholder Nathan Brandenburg represented Voyager Bank in the transaction.

"Not only did Nate provide the highest quality legal advice in a complex transaction, he was an integral part of Voyager's deal team from the time a sale was being considered" said John Kimball, Voyager Bank's Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer. "The combination of Nate's legal skills with his deep knowledge of the banking business were invaluable in successfully completing the sale."


John Dornik and his client are featured in the book "Falling Through Clouds"

A story of tragedy, survival and justice, this book is about a young father's flight for his family in the wake of a plane crash that killed his wife, badly injured his two daughters and thrust him into a legal confrontation with a multi-billion dollar insurance company.


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Scott A. Weaver, former President and COO of Voyager Bank has joined Siegel Brill

Nathan Brandenburg and Scott Weaver will now head our Financial Institutions practice.

Representing community banks and other privately-held financial institutions, Scott Weaver and Nathan Brandenburg provide corporate, M&A and general business and credit counsel to the firm's financial institution clients. Nate Brandenburg is a banking and business attorney whose practice focuses primarily on the representation of financial institutions, commercial real estate investors and closely-held businesses. In addition to his legal practice, Nate has served as a director of a community bank and bank holding company. Scott Weaver has more than 25 years of experience as an attorney representing financial institutions, a senior bank executive and a bank holding company director.

"As a former bank executive, I have been in the position where I have searched for qualified attorneys who really understood the banking industry," says Scott Weaver. "Now that I am back in private practice, my long history of leading a community bank and serving as counsel for community banks gives me a unique insight to advise clients on the legal issues that bankers, and bank owners face very day."

"We are very excited to have Scott Weaver join Siegel Brill in our Financial Institutions practice," says shareholder Nathan Brandenburg. "Scott brings a very unique background to our practice that allows him to offer counsel based not only upon his experience in private practice, but also his experience leading a financial institution. With the addition of Scott, we are able to bring this perspective to all facets of our financial institutions practice, including mergers and acquisitions, loan documentation, workouts and regulatory matters. Scott understands the client-side of these issues and the economics that are involved."


John Dornik leads our Personal Injury practice area

Chris Penwell and Steve Weintraut add their expertise to the PI team as well.

With the addition of John Dornik to the firm, along with experienced attorneys Chris Penwell and Steve Weintraut, Siegel Brill now has a Personal Injury team that represents individuals in a broad range of personal injury claims. These cases include: claims arising out of motor vehicle accidents, wrongful death cases, aviation accidents, medical malpractice and product liability.

"Representing injury victims at their greatest time of need, and helping them receive compensation for their medical bills, wage loss, and their loss of the enjoyment of life, is the greatest honor and privilege I have ever known," says John Dornik, shareholder at Siegel Brill. "We have a great personal injury team here at Siegel Brill and I'm proud to be a part of it."


John Dornik and his client Toby Pearson are featured in a book "Falling Clouds".


Chris Penwell represents client in "Rehab Addict" lawsuit

Chris Penwell made the news recently when he was quoted regarding a lawsuit filed by reality television star Nicole Curtis, host of the locally-produced HGTV program "Rehab Addict" against a client of the firm with whom Curtis once had a romantic relationship.

Curtis had extensively remodeled an old home in South Minneapolis known to "Rehab Addict" viewers as "the Minnehaha house". The client, Dr. Jason Jenny, subsequently bought the home with the intention that he and Curtis would someday live there together. When the relationship fizzled, the troubles, which some compared to the War of the Roses, began. Curtis filed a fourteen count complaint against Dr. Jenny. The majority of the counts were related to her claim that she should get title to, and all the equity in the Minnehaha house. The entire complaint was eventually tossed by the court.

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