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Welcome Heidi Torvik

Heidi Torvik has recently joined Siegel Brill, PA. She represents personal injury victims and survivors in wrongful death actions, as well as business owners and individuals in commercial and real estate litigation.

Heidi grew up in Montevideo, Minnesota, with a practicing lawyer as her father. She ultimately determined to follow him in the practice of law and pursued her course of study at the University of Minnesota Law School. After graduation, Heidi began her practice as both the Assistant County Attorney for Chippewa County, Minnesota, and as the Assistant City Attorney for the City of Montevideo.

“My father is a successful attorney,” says Heidi. “When I was growing up my dad was the county attorney. He had an attorney in his firm that went on to be a Congressman in the United States House of Representatives and subsequently, as a judge on the Minnesota Court of Appeals. Another partner became a district court judge in west-central Minnesota. I had some outstanding role models from a very young age. I like PI as a practice area because the ability to help people after something devastating has happened is very meaningful to me. It’s very gratifying to help clients get through a difficult time and get them compensated for something that has happened to them; it just doesn’t get much better than that.”

In her first career, Heidi was a professional flutist. She obtained multiple degrees from The Juilliard School in New York City. In connection with her training, she performed and taught in New York City, across the country, and internationally. Heidi’s performance background, together with courtroom experience as a criminal prosecutor, come together to make her an effective and skilled advocate for her clients.

“I left high school a year early and during my senior year I went to Oberlin College/Conservatory of Music in Ohio,” says Heidi. “It was a good stepping stone for an only child to get away from home before going to the big city. I studied the flute and piano at Oberlin, and then I went on to Juilliard in New York. I feel like Juilliard and being a professional musician was my dream come true - it was a wonderful life. It was also great training for the law. Playing in front of hundreds of people on a regular basis has given me experience and confidence which I have found to be very helpful in my public and courtroom experiences. My training in the music profession, which often involved explaining complex musical issues to audiences, has helped me in explaining often complicated legal matters in a more understandable manner to clients and others with whom I have contact.”