Elliot Olsen secures six figure settlements in a Legionnaires’ disease death case and injury case

Elliot Olsen represented one man from Edina and the surviving family members of a man from New Hope in a suit against the owner of a hotel in New Orleans. Both men contracted Legionnaires’ disease from a hot tub at the hotel; one became seriously ill and the other man subsequently died.

The settlement was concluded 14 months later. “I was very pleased to have meaningful settlements in both cases,” says Elliot Olsen. “It was enough money to make a positive difference in these people’s lives and the lives of their family members.”

The facts of the case:

“Here in Minnesota we have probably the best health department in the United States,” says Elliot Olsen. “They did a fantastic job investigating the details of both of these cases, including isolating the Legionella bacteria from the deceased person’s blood, which is highly unusual. They were very dogged and determined in their pursuit of the case. Without their work we would not have had a case or been able to achieve these significant settlements.”