Personal Injury Case Report – February 2023

$2.625 Million Personal Injury Settlement
Dram Shop

After a night of drinking at a bar during a party, our client departed the bar on foot and was later found to have suffered a fall, causing his death. Due to the size of the party, there was some question as to how many drinks our client imbibed, despite this fact we were able to obtain a successful result for his young family.

$1.4 Million Personal Injury Settlement
Boat Accident

Our client was injured when a boat in which he was a passenger flipped, causing him to suffer catastrophic injury.

$750,000 Medical Malpractice Settlement
Failure to Diagnose

Our 80-year-old client sought medical care to treat her skin ulcers on her leg. However, there was a failure to properly diagnose and treat the ulcer causing a severe infection to spread. Our client’s leg was amputated as a direct result of the negligent medical care.

Confidential Products Liability Settlement
Jaw Surgery

During a major jaw reconstruction surgery, it was discovered that the company that manufactured the custom prothesis for the procedure had mixed up the products and forwarded the wrong component. Extended and repeated surgeries left the patient with a significant facial droop and months of pain and discomfort.

$400,000 Personal Injury Settlement
Legionnaire’s Disease

Our client was one of numerous persons injured in an outbreak of Legionnaire’s Disease emanating from a cooling tower. After being exposed to Legionella bacteria, he became extremely ill and was hospitalized for weeks including time where he was intubated. Eventually, however, he made a full recovery.