Personal Injury Case Report – March 2024

$2.3 Million Personal Injury Verdict
Dram Shop

Rural Minnesota county trial. Decedent was drinking at a bar and got into a fight with two other bar patrons. Decedent died as a result of injuries from the fight. The bar and the participants were sued and a trial took place. Verdict: approximately $2.3 million.

$950,000 Personal Injury Settlement
Legionnaire’s Disease

Our client was one of numerous persons injured in an outbreak of Legionnaire’s Disease emanating from a cooling tower. After being exposed to Legionella bacteria, she became extremely ill with Legionnaire’s pneumonia and was hospitalized for weeks including time where she was intubated. To date, she has not made a full recovery.

$450,000 Personal Injury Settlement

A 16-year-old boy was participating in fractural burning in his public high school’s wood shop class when he was electrocuted by the electrical lead which caused several third degree burns to his hands, arms, and leg. He required multiple skin grafts and compression garments for the healing process.

$500,000 Medical Malpractice Settlement
Wrongful Death

A patient was brought to the ER suffering from psychosis and later died following admission. Our expert opined that the hospital staff’s failure to meet the standard care in treating a patient in a severely psychotic condition was a direct cause of the patient’s death.

$574,193 Personal Injury Arbitration Award
Auto Accident

Our client sustained several injuries during an auto accident, including the need for a knee replacement and a blood clot in his calf. The case proceeded to binding arbitration where the arbitrator awarded the above-referenced figure.