Personal Injury Case Report – September 2023

$2.6 Million Medical Malpractice Settlement
Wrongful Death

Misdiagnosed cancer led to our client’s death during our representation of them, leaving behind a spouse and a young adult child. The case was resolved after consultation with numerous experts prior to initiating suit.

Confidential Retail 3rd Party Vicarious Liability Settlement
Personal Injury

Our client was paralyzed because of the criminal acts of a third party at defendant’s retail store. Our firm successfully pursued claims against the retailer, advancing the novel argument that the direct conduct of the retailer’s staff and manager was the foreseeable cause of the third-party assailant’s violent behavior within defendant’s retail space. The litigation was settled while an appeal was pending.

$760,000 Personal Injury Arbitration Award
Auto Accident

Our client sustained injuries in an auto accident with a driver employed by Domino’s Pizza. Our client continues to suffer from cervical dystonia, tinnitus, and other injuries because of the crash. The case proceeded to binding arbitration where the arbitrator found that the employee’s negligent operation of the motor vehicle was the cause of the crash, and Domino’s Pizza was vicariously liable.

Confidential Products Liability Settlement
Eye Laceration

Our 30-year-old client, a former Marine, was utilizing an exercise band during a home workout when the product abruptly broke, causing the metal hardware at the end of the band to snap back, striking our client in the eye, and causing permanent loss of vision. Our expert identified defects in the design of the product that caused it to suddenly fail. The case settled after discovery.

$610,000 Personal Injury Settlement
Motorcycle Accident

Our client suffered a severely fractured ankle because of a motorcycle accident with a pickup truck requiring surgery. Due to a complicated recovery our client was unable to work or take care of their family for several months. They were ultimately diagnosed with drop foot and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The case settled before trial.